Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Final Collection....The Products!

I am currently in talks with a few people about the possibility of producing a selection of pieces from my final collection that i exhibited at New Designers. Here are a selection of my favourites.
Coffee can and saucer decorated with soverign ring motif.

Tea cup and saucer decorated both on the outside and the inside!
No tea party is complete without a cake stand. I love my cake stand which demonstrates my elderly teabags beautifully. Unfortunately this cake stand was damaged when i brought it back from London

I love the colours in this funky cushion!

My favourite tea towel showing a collection of the elderly teabag characters!

Complimentary tea towel using retro inspired shapes and gorgeous colours.

Another retro inspired complimentary tea towel.

These are my favourites and i hope that you like them too! Any comments and questions are welcomed!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Tigerprint Competition

I am starting to make some notes on what i want to do for the 'gifted?' Tigerprint competition , i already have afew fun and quirky ideas (staying true to my design aesthetic!) cant wait to get started. This years 'gifted?' competition is for a christmas brief, either designing a card, cracker, decoration or all three. Deadline is 30th of July....its odd thinking about christmas so early on in the year! x

Monday, 18 July 2011

The results.....

Got my results today and i am now the proud owner of a Ba (Hons) with a 2:1 degree! Pat on the back for me i think!
I promise the next things i post will be design related!
p.s the 'studio' is being plastered as i type! eek very exciting!

Today i will be the proud owner of a Ba(Hons).....

Today i am going back to college to collect my results! I am excited but nervous having worked really hard over the past three years everything comes down to this. Wish me luck every one! x

Sunday, 17 July 2011

My studio......

Here are a few snap shots from the development of my studio! I am so excited to get in there and start creating!
For some reason my studio space seems to have accumalated several chairs! Cant wait to move everything in there, paint it and put up some pictures! Iv always wanted a little studio haven just for me. Now i just need to save up my pennies and find an organisation where i can apply for a grant to help with the start up costs of producing my final collection for the boutiques and online stores that have shown interest, any suggestions would be welcomed!

Friday, 15 July 2011

Busy little designing bee....

Hello, sorry that i havent blogged (hope this is the right terminology!) in a week. I have been so busy trying to sort everything out and follow up contacts made at New Designers. I've been trying to juggle my part time job and organising myself in preparation for my little production line that is in the pipeline.
Sorting out my bedroom/studio has been a massive job just in itself but im finally getting there with it, this is just a temporary fixture as my lovely and exceptionally supportive family are changing the garage into a studio for me, and i can not wait to get in there and get going!
Keep you posted on that and show you the transformation from garage dumping ground to studio extravaganza!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

I was looking through all of my pictures that I took of my work yesterday and I came across this one. These are some of the tea towels that I produced for my final collection which I took to New Designers with me. The one on the left shows the 'brand bullies' picking on the geek tin of tuna with his glasses and his braces. The one in the middle and on the right shows the charming elderly teabags that I have grown to know and love! But more about them another day.......
Hopefully sometime in the near future you will see these tea towels at a store near you!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Just discovered this......

At New Designers last week press were really interested in my work. I discovered today while I shamelessly googled myself to see if i could find my blog (embarassed much!) i found that giftsandgreetingreview have done a write up about me! Check it out......

My First Ever Post!

This is my first ever post! Eek! Bare with me as I am new to this blogging business!
During my time exhibiting my final collection at New Designers (image shown here is final collection showcased at my end of year show at Bradford School of Arts and Media) many people asked me whether I had a website or a blog, I had neither! So the time has come for me to set up a blog! Over the next few days I shall be putting more images on here from my final collection and a description about what the work is about. I will also be using my blog to share with you the other designs that I shall create now that I have completed my degree and I am entering the big wide world!